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Why Airdub

With Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Technology

Dubbing Opportunity with the Artist's Own Voice

Cloned voices of artists have the full range of human emotions such as diction.


It offers cost-effective production possibilities without being dependent on physical location, through less complex production processes.

Saving time

Airdub enables you to create content without the need for repeatedly copying your voice.

Integrated Solutions


AirLab is a machine learning model used in the Airdub platform and is based on the analysis of voice data depending on the dialects of language to perform learning and re-creation processes. As a result, customers can train their own voices and use them on different platforms.
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Airdub is designed as a platform that respects copyright laws and aims to provide users with audio samples that they can legally use. Users can upload their own custom audio samples to AirLib, but they must obtain prior copyright agreements to use other users' audio samples.
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The security of these audio files on AirLib is of utmost importance. Therefore, AirGuardian is used to encrypt all audio recordings on AirLib with blockchain technology. This means that each audio file receives a unique identification number and timestamp.
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Who are we?

Airdub is a Turkish startup company based in Istanbul. Airdub aims to bring entertainment experiences to international audiences by eliminating language barriers and cultural gaps.
We aim to ensure high-quality seamless localization of entertainment content using deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Our Awards

Our area of practice is quite wide: design, graphics, branding, development. The experts who work at our web design studio know exactly how to make your project unique, fresh, and profitable.


Voice cloning...

AirDub is unmatched in creating cloned voices in many languages with natural emotion, intonation, and rhythm using your cloned voice.

Your voice clones can be transformed into realistic and customized voices in different languages without the need for expensive recording studios and in a shorter time.

Through our digital audio solutions, we maintain the uniqueness of your voice and produce high-quality voice clones for various types of audio content, including advertising, audiobooks, podcasts, brand voices, games, and virtual assistants.


How does it work?

Upload Your Voice

Upload your recorded voice in the specified characteristics and formats.

Choose Your Language

Select the language you want to voice.

Add Your Text

Upload the text of the language to the platform.

Access the World

Enjoy realistic and customized translations in different languages with Airdub.

Our Founding


Esra Akdere


Onur Ekşi


Emre Cemali


Solution Partners

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